Thursday, March 6, 2008

North Dakota

Well, I went to North Dakota (Bismarck) for the Western Area Power Administration. (Department of Energy) and man was it cold!!! I was shivering. Jim Miest was a great host as was Mr. Brian Morris. Most of all, I enjoyed my presentations that day and there was really favorable response!

Thank you Troy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Travel to Houston and Woodward, OK

Well last week, I went to Texas City, TX and Woodward, OK. The visit to Marathon Petroleum in Texas was quite interesting. The visit was only for one day, but I got to meet 38 people for Safestart. The refinery was a vast array of pipes, tanks, stacks, fences, and ocean. The point of contact was extremely excited to have Safestart which makes my job so much easier.

I left for Woodward, OK to finsh an implementation for Safestart. The training was gonna be a rough one until I went to Walgreens to purchase Zytec. When I left Texas, I had an allergy attack. Mostly due to the dryness and windy conditions. As soon as I pulled into Woodward I felt so much better. The southern hospitality in Oklahoma was fabulous! Thank you!