Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lost Cool, Charisma, and Charm

This past week I did an OSHA class for the OSHA Training Institute and a Safestart public workshop in Phoenix. The four days of training were great! I got great reviews for the OSHA class and great feedback at the Safestart public workshop. So what gives? Why did I lose my cool last night? Without spending time justifying my actions, I will say upfront, I over reacted and am apologizing right now. But, what is a Blog without explanation?

Camryn had performances this week for Broadway Lullaby which she was Lou McGrew, the mean curator of an orphan home. Lou does not let children out of her site and despises the fact the children want to escape. Camryn was a hit, she nailed all three performances. I recorded one and will be creating a DVD. At the end of the third and final performance the cast members came out to a quasi reception area to greet all the family members and take pictures. Here is where I lose my cool. I was standing still talking with Camryn, her friends and our family. All of the sudden, I had a mouth full of hair, someone had stepped on my toe, and literally elbowed me into the rib. Someone was backing up to try to take a much wider angle photo and they backed up into me without any regard to my position. I got upset and said some things I shouldn't have.

I said, "Cheese and Rice, Let me move out of YOUR way!" Out of line? I was understandably upset. Of course, I was conflicted and argued all the way out of the cafeteria where they were holding the show. I was wrong to say that. Especially when they tried profusely to apologize. I lost my cool. I am sorry phantom lady, I messed up and lost my cool. Gotta find it, gotta find it.

I was a klutz today, dropping an avocado on the floor, cutting onions with a butcher knife, forgetting to drink my coffee and I put Dijon mustard in the Tuna Melt tonight which nobody liked. I lost my charisma. Gotta find it, gotta find it.

I was stumped in writing an email tonight. I couldn't figure out the words to write. I was lost, I lost my Charm. Awe, man, do I gotta find it?

So, have you ever lost your Cool? Snap your fingers like the Jets in West Side Story and keep your cool. I will have to face my issues in the future because, I am sure that I will see the lady that shoved her hair in my mouth because her daughter is in the same grade as Camryn. I would be willing to bet that her daughter and my daughter will be in the same room together in the future as they enter into high school together. Do you think she will remember the big Filipino dude who stomped his foot in disgust? Keep your cool, and charisma and charm will follow. In other words, you shouldn't have to go looking for them, they should be right under your nose all the time. Don't be a Lou McGrew, you gotta keep Your Cool!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mask's Off!

Last night I was invited to be the emcee for the Actor's Youth Theatre 3rd annual Masquerade Ball at the Red Mountain Multi-Generational Center in Mesa, Arizona. It was a great time and a super special gala! There were magical performances by special guests Cosette Fife, Tyler and Lindsey Maxson, and AYT's own junior actors performed two hit dances choreographed by Corrine Clement and Marcus Ellsworth.

Now, I wanted to write how super special the evening was, and that is important, but whats more important is the amount of volunteers it took to pull this off. There was a food volunteer, a gift and raffle volunteer, a dj, a technical volunteer, a prop volunteer, a registration volunteer, someone to install props, someone to connect the speakers, someone to put the table center pieces together, someone to make those centerpieces, and of course the volunteer I forgot to mention and there are many. Of course, an event such as this wouldn't even be possible without sponsors and donations. And, there were many sponsors too.

I have been a volunteer in many different organizations and I think it is so cool to help people out. So I write this blog post for two reasons. The first, AYT you rock! The volunteers and the youth of your organization are so wonderful to work with and it inspires me to keep on volunteering in any capacity! Keep it up! The second, is for all my readers. If you have not had a chance to volunteer in any organization don't you think now is the time? I mean, with all the political banter now a days, and the "what's in it for me" attitude, our youth and newer generations could benefit from helping those that need the help most.

Try to volunteer in an organization that is devoted to helping further or make any individual better. You never know, when the Mask's come Off, you too, could be a much better person yourself.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Are You Secure?

Flying into the Sacramento airport the other day, it dawned on me. I can just look at the screen for my name, drive off in a car, and GET STOPPED. There is always a security guard or you gather your keys at the check out counter. The rental car agencies have done a pretty good job at securing their prize investments. The vehicles are well protected and the policy seems streamlined and simple. Get stopped by a security gate or go retrieve your keys by flashing your drivers license. Simple right? Wrong.

How about a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)? I went to a recent WWTP in Northern California and drove my very secure rental car into the facility and stopped at the visitor parking spot. The gate was opened and there was no security guard. I suppose if I had mal-intent I could have reeked havoc on this WWTP. But I didn't. After all I was there to teach a safety class for incident management. The result of this story is not very difficult to grasp. Similar to the rental car facilities, this WWTP could implement a policy to help secure their most prized assets, treatment equipment. If I am not mistaken, the equipment costs local-sewer-paying-citizens many dollars. Just so you know, they alerted me that they were in the middle of clamping down on their security policies, and here is an example of this, I forgot to sign in, and they were on top of it! Getting me down to sign in on their visitors log sheet right away. I love awareness! Try it!

The Federal Government has not required WWTP's to comply with vulnerability guidlines like they have for Water Treatment Plants (WTP). Unfortunately this prejudice is harsh, because WTP's have nearly the same equipment as WWTP's. The only difference is the media they are treating; Water vs. Wastewater. There are slight differences in chemistry, but the premise is the same. "MEET THE STRINGENT EPA REQUIREMENTS FOR DISCHARGE OR CONSUMPTION" Nevertheless, the conversation remains, how much security do I need? The only way to remedy that is to pretend that you are intruder, how easy was it to get away with things you wouldn't want to have happen to you? Then you can decide whether or not you are secure enough.

Let's step up our efforts to secure our people, public and our equipment. You know you can do a better job.

Tools to help: EPA's Vulnerability assessment, Consultants and the AWWA Vulnerability Guidleines. (Google: CFATS) (Chemical Facility and Anti Terrorism Standards)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Love

Today I received a link on Facebook and it read, "Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite." This was posted by the most amazing Sheila Page-Bottorff, my wife, my Valentine, my everything. As this post signifies the last personal post under my Travel Blog, I wanted to make it special for the special person in my life.

Sheila has given me things I thought I would never possess. Now, possessions to me were important up until about a few months ago, but as I try to improve and remove the need for material things, I see that the most prized possession is not any single item per se, but someone's undeniable love and devotion. Which she delivers without hesitation in everything she does. I will always tell you that I do not deserve someone so valuable as Sheila, but I am thankful. I can only hope to give half as much love and devotion she has provided and perhaps she will find value in me. I love (live) you so much baby. Will you be my Valentine?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brush off The Dust

Hello everyone! I updated my business web site and needed a blog site to update my travels. So what I will be doing with this blog is talking about different personalities throughout my travels and extraordinary things from people I meet. 1, to show the appreciation and 2, to share with my subscribers that Business, Safety and Health will always be my focus, but there are things I learn that can be weaved in and out of the core fabric of my main business model. This last blog will be about Friends, and the new blog will be about business. Thanks for your patience as I transition.

Starting off, Tommy Adams, Eric Garcia and Sheila. First of all, Sheila will receive her very own blog post on the most special day of Valentine's day! So let me move on to Tommy and Eric. Affectionately known as T-Bone and G-Spot....Nick Names you see...

When I was traveling back and forth to Orange County The first two folks I met were these two characters. But I tell you what, I wouldn't change it for the world. They ended up becoming really GREAT friends. I miss them, but still hold them in my every thought. Here are some of the crazy things we used to do: We played trash golf, PSP Tiger Woods, rapped songs in the style of country, (Well Eric Did) I stunk at that, but could do a mean beat box.

Trash golf was simple. Take a wad of paper and shoot (throw) them into designated trash cans throughout the 4000 square foot facility. The PSP was pretty cool too, my first exposure to connecting hand-helds. In between these matches we would go to Eric's pad (before marriage) and have a game night, where I would rule the Tiger Woods Golf arena! Good Times Guys!

Tommy Left for Japan in Mid 2006 and it was just me an Eric. Although, Eric and I lived through Tommy's pictures and late nights, vicariously.

My week visits brought me back and forth to Orange County in which I started staying with Eric. He was so hospitable. We would have dinner and at times, his mom would make us dinner too. We would play tennis and sometimes basketball if me knee was up to it.

All-in-all, these were great times! Best of all, Eric is now Married, and has a new son, Noah. Tommy is back from Japan and has a great girlfriend too!

Memories were never better. Thanks for everything you two. I hope we stay in touch!

The best part about this blog is that if I could mirror these guys, I would. They are both examples of guys you would be comfortable marrying the next door neighbors daughter, but not mine...haha! Just Kidding! These guys rock! Thanks for all your technological upkeep for a no-tech savvy Filipino.