Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mesa in the Round

Well, I am finally home for a total of 8 straight. This comes after a week in Orange County and Riverside County. I finished my week off at the Cox Communications Corporate Building. The class was great. The Host Elise Fischer was awesome and the students were the type of students you wish for in every class! These guys were network techs, construction specialists, and safety professionals. The class was traffic control in Rancho Santa Margarita, home of Carson Palmer and my good friend Mike Medina.

I have come to realize throughout the last few months that I rely on Eric Garcia to keep my attitude straight! There are so many things that need to get done and Eric is the one that does all of that. For example, not only does Eric have to do his job, but he literally follows up on open ended items for me. Doing last minute things for people is what he is does best. Someone calls up and presto Eric takes care of it. Thanks Eric! Eric even created my Blog Picture. Isn't it awesome!?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Anaheim Chronicles

Today I finished a 24 Hour First Responder Technician Class for Metropolitan Water District of Southern California outside of Temecula, California. I have learned so much working with MWD that my brain hurts. Today we were discussing potential failures in a chlorine evaporator system and one of the students mentioned that engineers during the desing phase "Cut and Paste" their designs from one building to another. Inherantly this causes many internal issues becuase of location, elevation, material flaws, employee strife, and many others (too many to list). The Cut and Paste dilema is in just about every industry I have visited by none more important than the folks who treat and distribute our potable water supply.

It is important for me at this point in my career because I am writing a technical MOP (manual of practice) for the Water Environment Federation that directly relates to Design for Wastewater Treatment Plants. Now if safety is forgotten, then, there will be unmistakeable problems later on during treatment well after construction. Could you imagine how compounded the problem becomes if the engineer who designs the facility just decided to Copy and Paste from the last design used? And you wonder why I live in Arizona?

Well, I am off to do a Traffic Control Class in Mission Viejo for Cox Communications tomorrow and I am home for one whole week (8 straight days) WOOHOO

Monday, June 23, 2008



It has been quite a while since I posted. But since Eric has posted a blog, I am going to keep this updated as frequent as possible.

Since I last blogged last, I have been to

1) Salt Lake City
2) Las Vegas
3) Roanoke Rapids, NC
4) Anna, Ohio
5) Holland, Ohio
6) Detroit, Mi
7) Anaheim, Ca
8) Decatur, Il
9) Chicago, Il
10) Sacramento, Ca

Most folks usually ask, "Do you ever go home?" I say yes I am home every weekend. However the travel time is offset by trying to get the word of Health and Safety out. I really truly believe that I am a traveling advocate for health and safety. Those ten listed visted spots were for clients mostly involved with Safestart and Safetrack. This is a behavior based safety program that looks at peoples human error and tries to illuminate the errors as "these things happen" Just try and fix it so it does not happen again. It also provides folks with a little accountability for there own actions. Take a look:

The work I performed were for clients like Honda, Crown, Kapstone Paper, and many others. You can go to my web site to see what type of services I provide. Site created by T-Atoms.