Monday, June 23, 2008



It has been quite a while since I posted. But since Eric has posted a blog, I am going to keep this updated as frequent as possible.

Since I last blogged last, I have been to

1) Salt Lake City
2) Las Vegas
3) Roanoke Rapids, NC
4) Anna, Ohio
5) Holland, Ohio
6) Detroit, Mi
7) Anaheim, Ca
8) Decatur, Il
9) Chicago, Il
10) Sacramento, Ca

Most folks usually ask, "Do you ever go home?" I say yes I am home every weekend. However the travel time is offset by trying to get the word of Health and Safety out. I really truly believe that I am a traveling advocate for health and safety. Those ten listed visted spots were for clients mostly involved with Safestart and Safetrack. This is a behavior based safety program that looks at peoples human error and tries to illuminate the errors as "these things happen" Just try and fix it so it does not happen again. It also provides folks with a little accountability for there own actions. Take a look:

The work I performed were for clients like Honda, Crown, Kapstone Paper, and many others. You can go to my web site to see what type of services I provide. Site created by T-Atoms.


Anonymous said...

Thats right! It takes Mr. VIP (myself) to start your blogging again! hey why don't you move out here in Cali already! You know you want to! Sell your Arizona mansion and with the money you get, you can get a condo here!

Mama Boone! said...

You definitely are doing what God intended you to do! Spreading the word……….making a change one person at a time! You are truly an inspiration and an Awesome Trainer! Now on a not so serious can I get some of those frequent flyer miles over to me??? Glad to see your blog up (you know what I mean)! Love the Header! VERY COOL!!!!