Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exit 44 and the Voice of Reason

Today I was traveling across the overpass of I-80 in Oakland. When I got onto the 880 freeway going to the Oakland Airport, I passed Exit Number 44. As I approached that exit, it suddenly dawned on me that the 44th president was going to be someone that I did not vote for and this was an exit I had to take whether I liked it or not. (How Ironic)

After watching the concession speach delivered by John McCain, I was stricken by a sad situation that the stigma of George W. Bush has put into the minds of everyone. I watched a war hero turned-Bush fall guy deliver the most impactful speach of the year. He moved me in such a way that I had no other choice but to believe in Barrack Obama. John McCain is truly a professional nice guy, and I will always remember the fight he had to battle. For every step he took forward, there was always some sand pit, or swamp, or hot dessert, or deep pit, or aligators pulling him back. It was a cliche of a campaign-in that McCain already lost before the election. For every step forward he took two steps back. Mostly, the two steps back were directly related to the dogma/stigma of being so close to the adminstration that over 69% of America did not approve of.

Shame on you America for not deciding for a man who could have provided change. The change we needed.

I will not leave you on a negative note, because like you, I was truly uplifted by the presence of hope that the elated faces looking upon Barrack Obama had. I told my cousin, who attended the Grant Park historic event that I fealt overwhelmed with feelings of being Patriotic after the announcement of the President Elect on Fox News. The sole reason, I think, is because of the barriers it breaks for a great number of people. American People! The People of the United States have spoken. I may not agree, but nevertheless, I feel patriotic about what happened.

I hope that Barrack Obama can live up to his Tiger Woods-esque expectations for his, our's and our children's sake. We do not need a let down, after so much uplifting hope has filled over 57% of all America. I hope the 57% is the Voice of Reason because exit 44 is a road we ALL have to take now. Let's support our President and serve our country to the best of our ability. I know McCain has, I know my dad has, and I know I have. Have you?