Friday, October 16, 2009

Stifling Humidity

93, 94, 96, and yes even 99....

The average temperature for central Florida in October is 81 degrees for a high and 71 degrees for a low. We anticipated a ton of humidity going down there, but didn't expect that Florida would have record highs as well. When we landed on Friday it was a mild 97 degrees with 80% humidity. Heat indexes would suggest that the "feels" like temperature was 109 degrees. Now, you can get used to this coming from Phoenix! However, I was in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada for a week prior to going to Florida. Even though the temperature is measured in Celsius......IT WAS STILL COLD! Flew to Phoenix for 8 hours and whamo....instant swamp ass factor in Florida. I could tell you that the Barometric pressure went up every day, because every joint in my body felt it. You could just call me a walking barometer. I am glad that I live in a "dry" climate, but WAS HOT and NASTY! For you Floridians: Thanks for your hospitality, especially during WEFTEC. I know with the weight of humidty on your shoulders, it would be easy to lose your all had terrific customer service, so thank you!