Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Economy Sucks When..... go to Las Vegas and you can barely move around because there is no room. Why is there no room? Everyone is spending money on drinks, gambling, smoking, dancing, sporting events, concerts.... go to Olive Garden and there is a two hour wait. But as you walk up to the can sit down and eat right away....

....the Suns Season tickets are sold out, even before the season starts.

...people keep using all the fuel but complain about conservation and global warming.

...people blame government for their mistakes.

...when people want more government when they are still on welfare.

...people go out and spend their tax return check, but then complain about taxes.

...the Dark Knight makes a record $155 million dollars in its first weekend.

...Hollywood makes more money in the three day weekend the Dark Knight opens...ever...

I have really been trying to stay away from the political unrest that is the Media of our upside down 2008. The democrats have really condescended the idea that an outsider cannot bring in new ideas(Speaking of Palin). I watched Bill Maher last night on HBO and his panel were really inserting feet into mouths. Janeane Garofalo was the epitome of backfire. I think that the democratic party is shooting themselves in the foot by belittling the candidates of the republican party. The media feeds fuel to the fire, by showing and asking all that they want to here for their audience. Show the whole story, not just the stuff you want to here. I can't stand the editorial-isms from the liberal media.

It has been this way for democrats for a long time. Bring somebody down to bring themselves up. When Garofalo said that Bush did not win either election...hmmm I think he is in office now...I know that she is just a liberal hippy that looks for the first weed machine in downtown L.A. when her depression kicks in, of course, it was the federal government that was responsible for her depression in the first place. Damn the federal government for not creating a psychological disorder for what she has...she may need it when she files for federal reimbursement. Of course, which needs federal oversite to make sure that the money is being appropriated to people that actually filled out the right applications.

I am definitely being sarcastic but I am just sick and tired of people complaining. It is not the people making a case about the issues, it is the people that take things to a personal level. Like, Garofalo. She needs others to make sure her low self esteem can be picked up once and awhile. The economy sucks when people like Garofalo are concerned that there isn't enough government to make the economy better. Sorry, Janeane IT IS THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE THE ECONOMY GREAT, NOT GOVERNMENT!