Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spasms to Arrogance

Oh jeez! I guess being a safety professional keeps me honest in regards to power tools, ladders, safety glasses, oh and many other things! One thing it does not do, it does not allow me to have clairvoyance on potential progressively, worsening back injuries. Namely: Mine.

I think for those that know me, I have had minor back problems off and on again for the last 3 years. It has flared up causing me pain I labeled 5 out of a possible ten. I cannot tell you what a ten is on a scale of ten, but I think i might have a guess.

When I broke my leg in 1997 I called that a ten. To give you a picture, I was sledding down a small hill with my oldest daughter in the front of the sled. I promised the two ten year old boys that I would test the ramp before they got on it, and so I did. I hit the ramp, and went leg came out and before you know it the Alpine Volunteer Fire department showed up to mend my broken leg. It was broke in two spots. The smaller bone called the fibula was broke and the major damage was done to the tibia/ankle connection. Yeah my ankle broke away and my tibia separated from my foot. I called that a ten on a scale of ten....If you scaled it on a score of cussing, well I think I said every cuss word I have ever said when I was in the Marine Corps.

So seven months ago, I received my last adjustment from my Chiro. I felt pretty healthy. I was playing baseball, traveling and doing everything I normally do, pain free. Some minor pain returned prior to Christmas and our trip to Illinois. It was a 3 on the scale. We drove to Illinois, and at times I reached a 5 on the scale of ten. I got a call from my chiro while I was in Illinois and he delivered the results of my MRI that was ordered after my last visit. It was pretty shocking: I had a herniated disk at L5-S1 Which is the last disk going toward your legs. The disk extrusion was bad enough that it pushed and pinched my sacral and sciatic nerve. At first the pain radiated down my left leg and then overnight started down the right leg. After we returned from Illinois the pain gradually increased until one day I could not stand up. The pain was an 8 on the scale.

At my last chiro and doctor's visit they gave me a pain killer shot, but that didn't even take the edge off. I couldn't even stand up. The ride home in the truck was painful too, you see, I couldn't sit either. I get home, my chiro even made a house pain reached 9 on the scale. I was on my back on the floor for comfort taking muscle relaxers, pain meds, and anti-inflamatories. They just weren't working.

The last straw: going to the rest room. I couldn't even crawl back to my spot on the floor. I officially reached a ten on the scale. It hurt so bad that an ambulance was needed to take me to the hospital. I cried I was in so much pain....It hurt!

The hospital was the turn around. I got three shots, and Valium. When I returned home I slept on the floor with the cushion from the futon and the pain started going down to a 4 during sleep and back up to around an 8 on the scale of ten, in the mornings.

All in all, I feel much better but will no longer have arrogance and ignorance about my back. Safestart has really taught me alot. Safestart has been in motion with most everything I do but now it will be EVERYTHING especially if I know my back will be involved. I know, I know! There wasn't one injury that caused my back problems. But you see, that's just it! I took it for granted! Even today, I opened the door and leaned out the door for someone that was in a wheel chair. I used my back to force the door open and I felt the strain. I noticed it this time, but would have never thought about it before. (Mind on Task) (Self Triggering on the Amount of Energy)

Now the reason I titled this blog entry Spasms to Arrogance is simple. After watching the State of the Union last night, I was introduced to a phenomenon I have never seen before. Obama was so arrogant last night and the feel of his delivery felt circus-like. Most things were a joke and he kept cracking jokes. Our situation in the U.S. is so dire, why joke now? What about this crap calling the Supreme Court out in front of everyone. That is rediculous! It was a spasm to his arrogance. I will work hard to remember where I am, how much force I need to use, and understand the level of energy that will cause me to use force before I commit my back to anything. Unlike Obama, I will think first before I have a spasm causing arrogance(ignorance.)

I would not be in the spirit i am in today if it weren't for Sheila. She was there every step of the way. She brought me breakfast, lunch and dinner, she prepared my medication, she helped me bathe, she maintained the needs of the kids, the needs of the house, and managed to do this all with her back hurting too. Babe I love you! I will never be macho and I will never be arrogant about my back or anything else ever again!