Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mesa in the Round

Well, I am finally home for a total of 8 straight. This comes after a week in Orange County and Riverside County. I finished my week off at the Cox Communications Corporate Building. The class was great. The Host Elise Fischer was awesome and the students were the type of students you wish for in every class! These guys were network techs, construction specialists, and safety professionals. The class was traffic control in Rancho Santa Margarita, home of Carson Palmer and my good friend Mike Medina.

I have come to realize throughout the last few months that I rely on Eric Garcia to keep my attitude straight! There are so many things that need to get done and Eric is the one that does all of that. For example, not only does Eric have to do his job, but he literally follows up on open ended items for me. Doing last minute things for people is what he is does best. Someone calls up and presto Eric takes care of it. Thanks Eric! Eric even created my Blog Picture. Isn't it awesome!?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, enough with the ass kissing! LOL. You do realize that, like you, I like the occasional tap on the shoulder but this here, man I appreciate. It really is no big deal. My job compared to yours pales in comparison. you know that. I look up to you and your humble attitude about everything. You make me realize that "It can always be worse" and i always gain new perspective because of your optimism.

Anyhow, enough with this ass kissing marathon. I'm glad you get to stay home for at least 8 days...I bet that seems like a lifetime! Have fun and just relax, play the Box and some Metal Gear. Enjoy the weather (is it still raining out there?) and don't forget to take Scooter for a walk.

Oh yeah...GOOD JOB TIM!