Monday, February 13, 2012

Brush off The Dust

Hello everyone! I updated my business web site and needed a blog site to update my travels. So what I will be doing with this blog is talking about different personalities throughout my travels and extraordinary things from people I meet. 1, to show the appreciation and 2, to share with my subscribers that Business, Safety and Health will always be my focus, but there are things I learn that can be weaved in and out of the core fabric of my main business model. This last blog will be about Friends, and the new blog will be about business. Thanks for your patience as I transition.

Starting off, Tommy Adams, Eric Garcia and Sheila. First of all, Sheila will receive her very own blog post on the most special day of Valentine's day! So let me move on to Tommy and Eric. Affectionately known as T-Bone and G-Spot....Nick Names you see...

When I was traveling back and forth to Orange County The first two folks I met were these two characters. But I tell you what, I wouldn't change it for the world. They ended up becoming really GREAT friends. I miss them, but still hold them in my every thought. Here are some of the crazy things we used to do: We played trash golf, PSP Tiger Woods, rapped songs in the style of country, (Well Eric Did) I stunk at that, but could do a mean beat box.

Trash golf was simple. Take a wad of paper and shoot (throw) them into designated trash cans throughout the 4000 square foot facility. The PSP was pretty cool too, my first exposure to connecting hand-helds. In between these matches we would go to Eric's pad (before marriage) and have a game night, where I would rule the Tiger Woods Golf arena! Good Times Guys!

Tommy Left for Japan in Mid 2006 and it was just me an Eric. Although, Eric and I lived through Tommy's pictures and late nights, vicariously.

My week visits brought me back and forth to Orange County in which I started staying with Eric. He was so hospitable. We would have dinner and at times, his mom would make us dinner too. We would play tennis and sometimes basketball if me knee was up to it.

All-in-all, these were great times! Best of all, Eric is now Married, and has a new son, Noah. Tommy is back from Japan and has a great girlfriend too!

Memories were never better. Thanks for everything you two. I hope we stay in touch!

The best part about this blog is that if I could mirror these guys, I would. They are both examples of guys you would be comfortable marrying the next door neighbors daughter, but not mine...haha! Just Kidding! These guys rock! Thanks for all your technological upkeep for a no-tech savvy Filipino.

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