Thursday, July 24, 2008

Powerspace, Ace and Danger

At the end of my last trip, which I was going to call Anaheim Chronicles II, I decided against it. On Friday when I returned to Phoenix, My trip was capped off with a concert with my daughter, her two friends and Ashlee my Niece.

We saw Powerspace, Ace Enders and a Million Different People and Danger Radio. Cute is What We Aim For was the title band who played at the end, but I went outside and talked with Ace Enders.

The week started off with a golf tournament in Aliso Viejo with my good friend Mike Medina and went through to be one of the hottest weeks in SoCal.

I commenced to play Eric in tennis on Tuesday and again on Thursday. I thinked I faired better on Tuesday because my serves were going in. Thursday, Eric smoked me in two sets. I think I just got too frustrated and got too mad to play correctly. Overall, it was a pretty active week for me.

Now for work, I just did Traffic Control training all week! I topped it off with a one hour presentation at an auditorium in Huntington Beach. It was a very good presentation. I had a bit of a challenge on Friday with some of the students. They were having difficulty picking up the math in the traffic control set up phase of the training class. To top it all off Marjorie brought lunch to class and it might have served as a bit of a distraction to the students. Oh well, we recovered and I got really good reviews.

To finish off the week, as I alluded to it earlier, I went to a concert on Friday. What a blast. Courtney was on the stage side of the bar and I was on the "Adult" side of the bar. It seemed to be the right thing to do because I did not want to get involved with the teenage wasteland of stagedome. The kids were crazy in the middle of the dance floor. So, I just hung out at the bar. Come to find out, so did all of the band members from each band. What a kick! I hung out with Max and Kevin mostly from Powerspace. And then Alec and the keyboardist from Danger Radio. Courtney was now looking at me going, ha! my dad is hanging out with the band members, what a cool dad! To top the night off, I saw Ace Enders, yet again. In March, Eric and I saw Ace in Anaheim at the House of Blues with Angels and Airwaves. This guy is great!

He was sick this night, but he signed my Volcom shirt and all was good.

I think to top it all off, as I was walking out the door, Courtney asked if I could get her Danger Radio bag signed and I said okay. Walked right up to the band and they signed it right away. These guys are really awesome! Thanks Powerspace Ace and Danger Radio for a great night and to cap it all off an overall great week!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and Courtney had a blast...and yes YOU ARE A COOL DAD! You are the kind of Dad that we, Dadless good looking guys (I threw t
he "good looking" part in for obvious reasons) wish to have had! You alwasy make time to make others happy and especially your family! I'm telling you man, you are an amazing guy.

Okay, on a more serious note. You old people need to be seeing, The Eagles, or Rod Stewart, or even The friggin' Stones! It's okay, you're in denial. LOL!

Yeah, tennis was fun! We need to do more of that, and by "that" I mean kick your ass more.

Good times! Oh by the way, last night I took Ezra out (Yen was working) to watch Hell Boy II but when i was just about to purchase the tickets, he says, lets watch "Journey to the Center of Earth! I wonder who influenced him to watch that movie? Go figure.

Anyhow, have a great weekend, it was nice bloggin' ya!