Sunday, January 11, 2009

No First Quarter Blues

It is a happy New Year, and things are progressing absolutely wonderful. At the end of the year I was fortunate enough to get to teach some wonderful folks in the village of South Lake Tahoe. The snow, the blue water, the mountains and old friends. It was all terrific! It was a sign for things to come in the new year.

2009 has already started, and I have been busy. I have been to Portland, Oregon to do some Safestart overview sessions and am packing for Calexico and El Centro. Of course, I leave tomorrow, but I wanted to write about my (if any) resolutions and what I am thankful for in 2008.

2008 was not like our usuall installment of every four years. This year we had a crazy Olympics, we had an historical election, and the economy is at its worst in 65 years (so the TV says). You all remember my opinion about the sluggish economy, and it still baffles me. I also wanted to add, that I had some wonderful personal stuff happen to me as well! Other than becoming the National Water Environment Federation Safety Committee Chair, and becoming the first Non-Public person to be the Program Chair for Tri-State I have actually made some time to spend at home with the wife and kids which I am very happy about that. I also got to see Tommy Adams and Kelly Dempsey, after a two and a half year hiatus.

So, lets I have any resolutions??? Get Eric to join Facebook, Negotiate a more beneficial salary for JoshuaCasey. Make Sheila Happier! Treat her with her in Carnegie Hall. Go to Disney World and New York City. Consider a potential stock market collapse with a "more-government" president in the white house. Wonder why businesses have the first quarter blues.

We do have the savior in the office come January 20th and the big three auto makers are considering bankruptcy. We have a majority of the Fortune 100 companies struggling and shrinking and...well I am going to stop there.

Is the first quarter blues going to cripple the market? Time can only tell. Ronald Reagan said, "The economy needs less government to rebound." I think that is profound. We saw the economy rebound fully. Barrack Obama said, "The economy needs more government." Wow, I hope his vision is right. There is a proven track record for the other to work. So, maybe this is the injection we need, of course, the long lines at Costco, and the sold out Mario Cart for Wii, and the American Girl Doll accessories will be more abundant too if the economy gets stronger. Right? Oh yeah, I forgot the economy sucks. Maybe we all have the first quarter blues, especially if everything is sold out and there are long lines at all the retail stores. Remember people, profit is different than total sales. If total sales are down then, that doesn't automatically mean that profit is affected.

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Anonymous said..., the vain man that I am only noticed the, "Eric to join Facebook" line from the blog. I will eventually fold under the pressure of everyone joining the Facebook crave. I just feel that Facebook will consume me when my time is way too valuable with...with...hmmm...what the hell AM I doing with my spare time. Nevermind.

Congrats on becoming a "chairman" in the NWEFSC! Jeez, it only make sense having someone so excited about the water and the environment like you are. I personally prefer being a "Lazyboyman" myself. Hey, have fun in New York watching Sheila sing! That's awesome!!!! It doesn't get any better than that. See you in two weeks!